How to Design a Green Car

Whether the car that you drive after you choose to complete your online defensive driving course is old or new, there are many ways to make your car greener. We are happy to offer the following life hacks to guide you into a more environmentally friendly operation of your chosen vehicle.


Choose an Online Defensive Driving Course

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the simple fact of using the internet will save paper, electricity for the building that you would go to, and be environmentally friendly all at the same time. Although the NY DMV is the best place to receive NY driver license replacement help, an online defensive driving course allows you to receive your materials online, saving printing and paper. You can also have access anywhere that has an Internet connection.


Just Say NO to That Lead Foot

Cars attain their best fuel efficiency at 55 miles an hour or less. By driving the speed limit, you are driving your vehicle at optimal savings for your wallet and the environment by using less gas.  More miles with less gas equals green.


Say Yes to Blended Fuel

Blended fuel, a.k.a., biofuel, is widely available in the US. The more mixed gas we purchase with some biofuel, the less oil we will use in our fuel. Wherever possible, choose gas that has biofuel mixed with it. Also, try to fill up when it is cool out (early morning or late evening) so that the gas is cooler and has less vapor escaping into the air during fill-up.


De-Junk Your Trunk

Does your trunk remind you of your parent’s junk drawer in the kitchen? All that stuff is extra weight. The more weight you put in your car, the harder the engine works and more gas you burn. Get organized and carry what you need when you need it and leave all the extra junk at home. Unless you’re transporting something specific, the only things in your truck should be your spare and an emergency kit.


To Window or Not to Window?

We all know that the A/C uses a lot of fuel. Did you also know that rolling down windows creates a drag on the car and increases fuel usage? The magic number is 40mph. When you drive below 40, rolling the windows down saves fuel. When driving faster than 40, putting your windows up with the A/C on saves fuel.


Keep it Clean and Green

While it might save a few bucks washing your car in the driveway, it is not healthy for the environment. The water that runs down your driveway, into storm drains, and then to rivers, streams, and lakes is loaded with gasoline, exhaust residue, and oil where it damages the ecosystem.


Commercial car washes are required to collect that wastewater and send it into the sewer system where it can be treated before it gets into our waterways. They also conserve water by using high-pressure nozzles.


Routine Maintenance

Simple things like changing your oil every 3000 miles and maintaining the proper air pressure in the tires will keep your car performing optimally. Check your tire pressure weekly. When you get your oil changed, remember to check all the air filters too. A clogged air filter can reduce your car’s efficiency and make it burn additional fuel.


Improv is Your Source for Florida Online Traffic School

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