How to decorate a teenager’s room without causing an arguement

Redecorating a teenager’s room can cause issues for parents. Often you won’t see eye-to-eye and this can ultimately lead to an argument. However, by taking into account the importance of their privacy, incorporating their tastes and opening up communication with them, you can work together to create a bedroom that you are both proud of.

When you and your teenager decide it is the right time to redecorate their room, remember some of these tips in order to make the process as harmonious as possible.

Make decisions with them


Although it may only be another room in your home, a teenager’s bedroom is a very importance place to allow them to have privacy and develop their own identity. You need to respect this.

Before you do anything, sit down with your son or daughter and plan out what you both want to do with the space. You can have more influence over decisions such as the furniture and flooring, but when it comes to the more personal touches make sure you compromise with them. You can put your foot down on certain issues, such as posters that incite violence or drug abuse, but allow them to explore their own interests. After all, they are the one who is going to be growing up in the room.

Carefully consider the colour


Once you paint their room, you want to make sure they are happy with the colour for a while to come. You don’t want them changing their mind and making you repaint their bedroom a few months down the line. Take some time with them to research other bedroom designs for inspiration and searching through colour swatches for the right pallet.

Don’t make your teenager decide on just one colour either. Choose two or even three different colours that complement one another. Try to avoid very bright colours, as they are more likely to grow out of these. If they decide they do want a more vibrant colour to be present in their room, then accentuate the more subtle shades of paint on the wall with bedding, pillows and rugs in their preferred colour.

Set a reasonable budget and give them some control


You shouldn’t expect your teenager to redecorate their entire room on a shoestring budget, instead you can take out a home equity line of credit to finance the re-design. If you can afford to then put a reasonable chunk of money aside for the redecoration, otherwise you should just focus on the main elements, such as painting and decorating, leaving the expensive replacement of flooring and furniture to another time. Alternatively, you can search for more adorable items from online retailers, such as small corner sofas from or find larger, quality items for free from second-hand sites such as and

You can use this budgeting experience to help them understand and appreciate finances more. Cordon off the majority of the money to purchase paint, furniture, flooring, drapery and any essential items you will need. Set aside a little money and put them in control of this. This will not only make your teen feel more involved, but will also mean they are more likely to respect your decisions as you have given them some freedom to put their own stamp on the room.

Provide clever storage solutions


It is unlikely that your teenager will consider the importance of storage facilities in their room. It isn’t the most exciting of prospects and, if left to their own devices, they will likely neglect these in favour of other, more eye-catching décor and decorations.

Wardrobes, draws and shelves are an essential way to cut down on the mess that teenagers are likely to leave in their room. Plan out the best places to put larger storage items, such as their wardrobe, whilst also considering where smaller shelves could fit. Don’t worry if you are working with a smaller space, as under bed storage can be a real lifesaver to encourage cleanliness and organisation.

Let them accessorise


The finishing touches in a room should be your teenager’s choice. Let them pick out lamps, cushions, bedspreads and rugs that they want, as well as pictures or trinkets that they feel express their personality. Make them pay for these from the budget you have outlined for them. They will really enjoy having this responsibility and it will make their room feel like their own.


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