How to Artistically Arrange Paintings in Your Living Room

Many people usually say that paintings are the most beautiful art pieces.  Paintings usually convey a lot of emotion and stories behind them.  That is why many people would often hang paintings in their living room as a home décor. They want to share the stories behind those works of art.

However, arranging your paintings can be really difficult, especially if you don’t have enough space.

In this article, we are going to jot down some tips on how you can beautifully arrange your art pieces.

 A big piece right above the sofa

People usually have that tendency to place art works on high places.  By hanging it on a high place, it draws the attention of the visitors. The center part of the image should be at your eye level when you stand up.  This is to ensure that the painting is not covered when people are sitting on the sofa

If you wish to go with this arrangement, choose paintings with large dimensions. Make sure that the painting will not go beyond the expanse of the sofa.

Visual balance

In arranging your pieces, it is also important that you keep the balance.  If you wish to have multiple pieces, you need to arrange them according to the heft of the color.

If your paintings have an even tone, you can put the heaviest painting in the middle of the arrangement.


In Scale

Scaling your painting is another way that you can do to arrange your art works beautifully. Most of the time, this is difficult to achieve.   Hanging pieces with different sizes can be weird to the eye.   If you opt for scaling, make sure that your art pieces are 2/3 of the side of your side board or your sofa.  In that way, it will not look too strange for your visitors.

You can also apply this arrangement if you wish to put paintings near the fire place.  You can have a large art work right above the sofa and 3-4 smaller painting above the fire place.


Perfect Fit

If you are unsure of how it looks like, you can always test the waters before hanging them on the wall.  Get a kraft paper and some painters tapes.  Trace the portraits that you wish to hang in the living room.  Then, cut them out and try “hanging” them with the painter’s tape. This will help you visualize if the arrangement is good enough for you. You can also put arrows on the kraft paper to indicate where the painting should be facing.

In that way, you don’t have to mark your walls with holes, and you can get your perfect arrangement.

These are just some of the tips that you can use to arrange your paintings. It is very important that you consider the tone and theme of the painting and your home interior to get the perfect arrangement for you.
















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