Five Tips for Creating a Healthier Office

When it is time to update your offices, you can incorporate some ideas that will make the work areas healthier. Healthier employees will not call in sick as often, so you can reduce absenteeism and improve employee productivity. Here are five tips for creating a healthier atmosphere when redesigning work areas in your offices.


Rest the Eyes

Incorporate visuals into your offices to allow employees to look away from their computer monitors and rest their eyes for a few seconds. Constantly concentrating on a monitor or on the pages they are writing can create eyestrain and cause headaches, but if you have artwork, some topiaries, or windows, then employees can look at them for a few moments to rest their eyes. Even a short glance will help reduce eyestrain.

Reduce Fluorescent Lighting

Overhead fluorescent lighting can sometimes be too bright for work areas and can cause glare on monitors that makes them hard to read. Reduce the use of fluorescent lighting and save on energy bills by installing lights over each desk, and bring in more natural light by adding skylights or moving workstations closer to windows. Overhead lights or task lights on desks should be adjustable so employees can dim or brighten their areas as they prefer.

Add Quiet Spaces

Have a design company, such as Saracen Interiors, include areas in your office that employees can use when they need peace and quiet. These areas can be used for breaks or when employees need to step away from their work for just a moment or two. Do not include any electronic devices in these areas and make use of comfortable seating so people can sit down, allow their minds to relax, and sip on a cup of tea.

Order Ergonomic Furniture

Instead of stationary desks, choose workstations that can be adjusted to fit your employees’ heights. Make sure the computer monitor and keyboard areas can be adjusted if employees want to stand while working instead of always sitting. Also, make sure you order chairs that are fully adjustable to help prevent issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and problems with the knees.

Create Good Flow

You will want to place the equipment that is used the most within easy reach, as well as keeping it in a designated location within easy reach of everyone in the office. Make sure that you create pathways that are efficient, but that do not disturb others while they are working. Work with the designer to place files and equipment where they are most needed, but out of the way of others who do not need access.

Creating a healthier office will help to create a relaxed and productive working environment, keeping all of your employees happy, and reducing stress. Having a well-designed office will improve moral and prevent absenteeism. Ask for input from your employees before refurbishing the offices, so they can make suggestions about what changes would work best for everyone.

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