Epoxy Floors in Your Budget

Epoxy floors have become more popular in residential homes, especially in garages and other high traffic areas, due to their durability and classic shine to the finished product. Before any renovation project, it is best to know your budget and figure out ways to work within those limits. The cost to epoxy floor installation varies, but finding the right materials and the right company can help you renovate on a budget.

The Cost of Materials

There is a wide variety of epoxy floor options, some more expensive than others. The first factor to consider is whether the epoxy is solid or water-based. Known for more durability, the material required for solid-based epoxy floors on average costs up to $150 a gallon compared to $50 for water-based. Another consideration when choosing your new epoxy flooring is the style of the epoxy. The style differences can include:

  • Anti-slip properties
  • Anti-static properties
  • Ease of cleaning surfaces
  • Ability to repair cracks in underlining floors
  • Decorative aspects of colored flakes

Depending on the style you’re looking for and the size of the area to be installed, the cost can range anywhere from $1.50 to $4.50 per square foot for materials. Using water-based materials and non-decorative styles can keep the cost of flooring lower. To give you an idea of how much materials can cost, an average one-car garage is around 250 square feet. Materials for this space would cost anywhere from $375 to $1,125. A two-car garage with the same materials would average $750 to $2250. Of course, these averages can vary based on the type of flooring you choose and the cost of materials in your area.

The Cost of Labor

With any renovation project, hiring the right company requires paying for their time and labor. Research companies to contact for estimates, and ask friends, families or co-workers for reliable testimonials. Most companies will give you a free estimate of costs, and this can be a good way to compare what each company has to offer from the initial installation to the cleanup after the job is complete. When looking at labor costs, keep in mind the condition of the floor you’re looking to renovate. Increased amounts of dirt, cracks, and chips will require more labor to correct before an epoxy floor can be laid.

Renovation projects require a certain level of dedication and research on a home owner’s part. With the right amount of tenacity, you can get the showroom quality flooring for your garage or kitchen in no time.


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