Door Alarms – All About Them!

Alarms: An alarm is the most despised tool we use in our life. Especially if set to wake us up early in the morning. No one wants to wake up from their sleep. However, there are a few alarms that are useful to mankind. Their life depends on them to an extent.

When alarms are good: Most of our lives are spent in worrying about how we can safeguard our assets and properties. This in turn affects our health as they would have us having a lot of stress and strain on our life. There are alarms that act as automated security guards, which help in providing security to yourself and your assets at home. Such alarms are placed mostly at the windows, doors and other places of entrance and exit at areas where data or assets are stored.

What are these door alarms: As the name suggest, the alarms that are strategically placed at the doors to help provide security to the household and assets are called door alarms. The door alarms are usually made of sensors, which are tuned in such a way that only a few designated users are given access into the doors where they are placed and sets off an alarm when there is an unrestricted access detected.

The growth of sales of door alarms: Door alarms have seen a massive increase in their sales, due to the fact that people are able to amass more wealth than ever. This creates an imbalance between the haves and the have not’s. Due to this imbalance and the sense of not having satisfaction, there is an ever growing increase for security, thus resulting in a massive increase in the sale of security measures like door alarms.

Working: Usually door alarms are made up of sensors, connected to microprocessors and microcontrollers. When an unknown signal or an unrecognized person is gauged by the sensor in the alarm, the buzzer starts hooting, thus alerting the people of the house. Now, with the growth of technology and wireless technologies, arrangements have been made to directly send a signal to the concerned authorities whenever the alarm sets off. This would help in saving time and prompts immediate action.

Types of door alarms: The above described type of door alarm is the basic door alarm. Apart from the basic door alarm, there a variety of door alarms available to suit all of our security needs, like,

  1. Electronic door alarm: The most preferred alarm variant used by people all over the world. The main functioning of this alarm when compared to the basic alarm differs in the fact that the sensors and the controls are all electronically connected. These are often designed in a way to maintain their connectivity in sync with the electricity of the house. The strategic placing of the bell just beside the apparatus makes the alarm all the more safe and secure.
  2. Ultrasonic door alarm: Ultrasonic door alarms are relatively expensive when compared to the basic and electronic door alarms. The main advantage of these alarm variants are the area of influence exhibited by these alarms. It is sometimes a combination of the areas covered by both the electronic and basic door alarm. Also, the wireless technology used is much more advanced than compared to the ones used in the electronic and basic door alarms.

Advancement: With the growth of technology and multi-tasking in this age, door alarm is now being designed to maintain security and also for other purposes like smoke sensors, fire alarms etc. The more the features, the better your door alarm is!


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