Distractions Whilst In Lockdown

It seems for many of us the end of lockdown is either already here or very close by, for others it’s looking like it may be a month or two away yet and there’s ofcourse the risk of a second outbreak still coming – so if you’re still in lockdown or possible preparing for the risk  of a second lockdown, what can you do to stay busy and have fun during the period?


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DIY - One of the most popular distractions that have come from the lockdown period is found within DIY as those going to stores to buy DIY materials has seen an increase. Through home self improvement or some gardening, if you’re eyeing a small change in your home, perhaps a new shelving unit or a small room reorganization, now may be a perfect time to take a day and get it done. You may be able to pick up some good deals too whilst many of these stores are also in a stage of recovery.

Mobile Gaming - It has quickly become a favourite for many during lockdown as many turn to their pocket devices for increasing amounts of time per day to stay distracted – although there has been a change in the UK for many site operators as one of the most popular genres in gambling and betting have found a credit card ban as payment and the introduction of an initiative called Gamstop which reduces the access for problem gamblers, there are still plenty of choices for gaming enthusiasts as Max Casinos lists a number of services and sites that aren’t blocked by gamstop – this may seem even more appealing now major sporting events are starting to return too.

Remote Working - Whilst you may not be at your usual job, it has been encouraged that many explore the possibility of trying some form of other work temporarily – and you may find that in an option to work remotely. There are plenty of opportunities for some part time online work in many different fields, and these may not be just the typical cold calling – other positions such as transcribing or typists for a small example are available to many. These types of positions may also prepare you for the possibility that remote working may become a permanent fixture for many of our lives, and with an opportunity to prepare a space early can provide a comfortable working environment from your own home.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty in this situation, things can still change very quickly and force changes in plans in an instant, it’s great to have some things in mind to keep yourself busy and stay occupied, especially if lockdown measures extend for a few months more. This is especially true if working from home does become permanent for many, as your situation may be a long time away from changing – understanding how to stay distracted or focussed during this time may be vital in successfully working remotely in the long term too.

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