Choosing a Vanity For Fit, Function and Flair

The vanity area may well be the most frequently used space in your bathroom. Although it ranks high in importance, you don’t want it to be visually over-powering or to consume an excessive amount of space in your bathroom. There are a variety of factors to consider, such as fit, function and flair, when selecting a bathroom vanity.

Explore your options

If you only look at a few vanity designs, you are cheating yourself out of the opportunity to express your personal style in your bathroom decor. Take the time to explore the many vanity styles that are available at sites such as An extensive search may introduce you to designs and decor ideas that you haven’t considered. For example, a curved front vanity may not have been a part of your decor plan until you see how attractive they are. A contemporary style vanity with a glossy finish and Swarouski crystal handles could inspire you to pursue a bathroom design that blends elegance with function. 

Choosing the right size vanity

You’ll want to consider how much counter space and what type of storage space you want in your vanity design. It’s important to select a vanity that is proportionately compatible with the size of your bathroom. If you want two sinks in the master bathroom, but your layout won’t accommodate a double vanity, you have another option. Two separate vanities, placed in different areas of the room, can provide the same convenience.

Storage space

The design of most modern and contemporary style vanities offer minimal storage space. You may need to add a medicine cabinet, side cabinet or wall hung shelving to the vanity area in order to have sufficient storage space. Typically, you’ll need less counter space and storage space in the vanity area in a guest bathroom. The vanity area of a master bath should offer cabinet or drawer storage. Open shelving is fine, if you keep the shelves uncluttered.

The bathroom vanity is both a functional and decorative feature of your overall design. To get the maximum amount of benefit from your bathroom vanity, you’ll probably want to select the largest size that’s appropriate for your bathroom. Expand your design ideas so that you’re open to corner style vanities, wall mount vanities and unique vanity designs. Select a vanity with storage features that fit your lifestyle. 

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