Alternatives To Toilet Paper

Every time the toilet is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a toilet paper, an accessory almost impossible to not have in a modern bathroom. It is a product not just reserved for men or women only and used a number of times every day. Also, the texture of the tissue paper and its thickness affect the length of the toilet paper used at any given time. This is the reason why coming up with alternatives for the toilet paper is important especially in certain places on the face of the earth where paper is not just unfriendly to the environment but also unrecyclable.

Today, you will find a number of techniques you can use to easily reduce the amount of tissue paper you require at any given time including maintaining cleanliness even if the toilet paper is not there in case you ever found yourself in such a situation.

Simple Alternatives

It is important to indicate the simple techniques first that could aid in reducing the quantity of toilet paper required at any moment. You can begin by following a proper yet healthy diet to decrease the length of toilet paper you will require for each visit to the bathroom. The reason is based on the fact that lots of fiber is required for the movement of bowel devoid of the need of a toilet paper just like dogs and cats hardly need to use any. You can also reduce the need for a toilet paper by squatting, a very old method still in use. As a result of the modern design of latrines, squatting has been discontinued while passing bowel movements yet man had used it extensively in the past.

Clothing Strips

If you have found yourself in need of a tissue alternative, a rag or strip of clothing can give you the effect you are looking for. Cloth strips work just fine and might require some thorough cleaning after each use. Economically, you might find clothing strips, rags and washcloths are good especially because they could last longer in comparison to tissue paper that you have to keep on disposing.


Another alternative taking the world by storm is a unique European stylistic kind of toilet known as bidet. It is a breakthrough in modern toilet usage that reduces tissue paper needs through the use of water. For millennia, man has been using water after passing a bowel movement as compared to the use of tissue paper, with a huge number of them still doing it even today, especially Muslims. As a result of technological advancement, you can choose the water temperature you would like to use in a bidet to maximize comfort as compared to the old times when cold water was usually the norm.

Natural Organic Endowments

There are times when you find yourself on the move, especially during camping or hiking activities where the tissue paper might be unavailable. At such a time, organic and natural alternatives in plenty around you, especially in wildernesses and forests, can be used. These include stones, sticks, corn husks, corn, leaves and even moss among many others. You can also collect a number of items as alternatives to tissue papers such as bills, old phonebook pages, coffee filters and even newspaper strips.

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