10 Things You Need to Know Before Extending Your Home

It never takes too long to settle in after you move into your new home before you realize that you need more space. This realization generally brings you to another realization. You can put your home in the market and look for a new home, or you can find ways to add more space to your home. The second alternative is much better because extending your home is popular, affordable and adds value to your property. Nonetheless, you need to give the idea of a home extension much thought, and plan prudently if you want to achieve the desired result. Here are 10 things that you need to know before extending your home.

Building Regulations Are a Priority

Building regulations are complicated. When you work with the local council, you can be guaranteed that your extension meets the prerequisites set by the local council. The system in place is quite strenuous but you cannot begin without authorization. You don’t want to invite huge fines or the possibility of charges being brought against you. Ensure that you are compliant with council regulations for home extensions Sydney before you start your home extension project. Get assistance from a professional who will help so you remain compliant with council regulations.

The Importance of Avoiding Neighborly Disputes

You don’t want to unsettle your neighbors and attract disputes. This can happen when you invade their privacy, cross boundaries or are too noisy during extensions. Other factors to consider are issues such as shadows and the right to light and solar access, or the disruption of the neighbor’s view. Councils generally encourage neighbors to talk and try and reach a consensus. If verbal negotiations don’t work, your local council can help. They will provide mediators who are experienced in dealing with such matters. Neighbors have specific rights that protect them from unsuitable developments. To avoid problems after you are through with the extension, make sure your neighbors know about your plans for development.

You Need to Have a Budget

If you want an extension that you can afford and that will be delivered in time, you must have a budget. Knowing from the start what your budget is and what you are able to spend is essential. Your professional architect will work with your budget and you will get the best value. You have to be realistic about the amount of money available and what you want to achieve. The general rule is always that costs will always be higher than the estimates. You must get a quotation from the contractor instead of working with an estimate so that you don’t get unpleasant surprises once the project commences. A budget must also factor in planning and design meaning that the plan and the budget must match.

Time is Always a Factor

It is always prudent to plan in advance and you must be aware that time is always a factor. You need a strict timeline for the completion of your extension. In most cases, the project is likely to overrun. When you have a schedule in place for the completion of the extension, you will not have to live in a perpetual state of construction. A fixed schedule also means that your contractor will deliver and no other unnecessary costs will be added to the extension. A building extension can have a huge impact on your quality of life and this is not something you should make light of. By factoring in time, you minimize the impact the project will have on your quality of life.

Look for a Builder with a Good Reputation

Finding the right builder to extend your house is very essential. You must take time to determine if a builder has a good reputation and to know if they are esteemed because of their quality of work. The builder must also be licensed and must have insurance. Look for a builder who specializes in the type of extension you want to get done. You can ask for references and determine if they are willing to sign a contract. In extensions, professionalism is essential particularly if structural expertise; plumbing and electrical fixtures are necessary.

Beware of Tree Preservation Laws

When planning an extension you must be aware laws that are connected to the preservation of trees. This is particularly important if your property is in a conservation area where almost all trees have a Tree Preservation order (TPO). This usually never means that there is no scope for an extension but you must get necessary permissions for an extension. You don’t want to attract hefty fines, criminal proceedings or both by contravening the tree preservation laws.

Adding Value with House Extensions

If your home extension does not add incremental value to the property, there is no need to go ahead with it. This is why you must be careful not to spend too much on things that are not appropriate. To add value to your home through an extension project, you must evaluate the value of the home before the extension. You should also find out what its value will be after the extension. It is beneficial to have a professional valuation done. This helps you evaluate your home before the extension and as a finished product before commencing on extensions. The kitchens and bathrooms are also focal points to consider for value addition.

Consider the Advantages of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is good for your pockets as well as the environment. This is why extensions should be an opportunity to go green and makes changes that are energy efficient. This means looking for way to make your home eco-friendly and economically viable. You can use passive solar techniques and get installations of low watt LED lighting. You should also install high efficiency heating systems. The kitchens and bathrooms are also focal points

Use Compatible and Quality Materials

For your house extension to be successful, you must use the right choice of materials. The materials should be compatible the present building and must be of the best and present standards. You must maintain a blend with the present building so that despite the extension, the entire home maintains a look of a single unit. Your house will have added value if you maintain its balance and the house remains practical and usable.

Work With a Wholesome Goal

When you want to get a house extension, you must work with a wholesome goal. This means thinking beyond the extension. If you get too caught up with the extension and forget about your present home, the extension might impact on the house negatively. Your plan should be wholesome so that your budget includes a few improvements in other areas of your home. Improving the house on the overall is as important as having an extension done.

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